Zombie Rick (Rick & Morty)
  • Zombie Rick (Rick & Morty)

    Moose skateboard deck 7.63”
    Modern concave
    Hand crafted wood burned design
    Sealed with professional sealer
    Nose and tail feature a steep kick providing great pop
    100% Canadian maple

    Acrylic paint added before sealer


    Board does not come with grip tape. 


    *Please note-- production time with grip tape add on will be a little longer.


    • Customization

      Custom Order Step-by-Step

      • Half payment required with submission of the desired uploaded image to be burnt on the board.
      • Text is the easiest way to keep in contact with me throught.
      • During the process I will need to verify questions in regards to placement and size and price confirmation (the cost of a custom design depends on how detailed, how large, add-ons, and production time. 
      • Once the stencil is complete I will need approval before I start to burn the board.
      • Upon finishing the design, the board will be sealed with professional high-end sealer.
      • Grip tape is an add on feature. Standard black is an additional $10. Designed or colored grip tape is $20. 

      Please note that some decks already have grip tape on them. 

      Boards for sale that have not been taped yet can be purchased as is, or with the add on feature of your choice. 

    • Sold Out?

      If you would like to purchase a product that is already sold out, you can submit a custom order form. Include what deck you want to purchase. Some variations will occur since all my work is hand burned.

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    San Marcos, California